A Jail Scam To Avoid In Burbank

With the world seeming to be full of scams these days, it is no surprise to learn that people are also praying on the compassionate nature of others. While it is heart warming to know, that there are people in this world who genuinely want to help others in need, these are the very people who could be victims of one particular scam. Burbank Bail Bonds would like to expose this latest scam, and give tips on how to avoid it.

Everyone dreads certain phone calls, telemarketers, debt collectors, receiving bad news, and a call from a jail stating a loved one has been arrested. While most people may not have experienced this, it would be only natural to want to help someone in this situation, should they receive a call. The latest scam preys on those who are willing to help a stranger in need.

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The latest scam to be avoided, involves the victim receiving a telephone call from someone claiming to have been arrested. Now even though the victim does not know the caller, the caller is fully aware of this, and will appeal to the good nature of the victim to assist them. The caller will ask to speak to a certain person. Naturally the victim will inform the caller that they don’t know the person. The caller will then act upset, and state that they have been arrested, and that this is their one and only phone call. They will beg the victim to forward their call to another number, so they don’t waste their one call.

The caller will give the victim a 2 numbered prefix – this is a call forwarding code. What this will do is, forward all calls being made, to the other telephone number, and the victim will be paying the bill. Most victims do not become aware of the scam until they either receive their telephone bill, or someone trying to call them is unable to get through to them, but keeps getting a wrong number.

In some cases, the telephone bill can run into hundreds of dollars, especially if the number they have been instructed to forward to is long distance, or even international. Rarely will the telephone company take the charges off, as the victim has willingly put the call forward code on their own phone. It can be a simple case of “bad luck.” Therefore, it is better to be prepared, and not fall for the scam in the first instance.

Burbank Bail Bonds would like to offer a couple of tips, to ensure that the community does not fall victim to such scams.

  • Always find out if you actually know the person on the other end of the telephone first. Ask questions that only someone you know, would have the answers to.

  • Never agree to forward your phone to another number, at anytime.

  • If your phone displays the number the scam artist is calling from, write the number down, and report it immediately to the Police.

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